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The Road to Dendera

"Under the Southern Sycamores..."

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Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:Alabama, United States of America

I have been using filters but stopped and took a more free and open approach to my Journal. So when you add me be aware you get ALL of me. (In non-romantic terms of course!) You don't have to comment on or even read entries that are not of interest to you, so don't feel obligated. After all we don't have to be clones of each other to be friends.

The people you will see me mention by name, aka The Family:

Shawn- my husband
Erik- my oldest son
Logan- my youngest son

Stand my ground...
I won't give in...
No more denying
I gotta face it...

 photo wolfwinter.jpg

If I don't make it...
Someone else will...
...Stand my ground

Warning: This journal be rated R. All ye who enter here should be 18 or older, unless deemed mature by the mistress.
(Pirate influences not withstanding!)

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acting like a child, altar, american gothic, anxiety disorder, arthritis, asha, asperger's syndrome, autism, autism spectrum disorders, autumn, bdsm, bearded dragons, bisexuality, bite, bite marks, bond, bonding, bonds, book, book of the dead, boys in eyeliner, browncoats, buffy, cats, celtic influenced, charmed, chronic pain, classic, cloud watching, cold winter air, crafting, crafts, dancing like a fool, dancing like an idiot, divination, drunken philosphical debates, egypt, egyptian, egyptian paganism, enjoying silence, fanficition for various fandoms, farscape, firefly, fitness, forgotten wishes, forsaken world, freedom of vocalization, frost on the ground, gaming, gaming videos, gardening, ghost whisperer, goth girls, harry potter, hathor, herbal remedies, hiking, history documentaries, horror movies, household cures, humor, hut-heru, kaylee frye, kemetic reconstructionism, kemeticism, kin, knitting, laughing like a child, lexx, love, low impact, lyrics that mean something, marking, marriage, masters, mates, meditation, medium, mel brooks films, mental shift, mistresses, mmo, mmorpg, multiverse, music with a purpose, mut, my family, my husband, my kids, mystery science theater 3000, mysticism, native american, night, occult, offering, other planes, otherkin, pack, paganism, pain play, panic attacks, parakeets, parenting chitchat, peace, perfect world, planes, pouting is always fair, pumpkins, random acts of poetry, random quotes, randomness, real life, realms, ritual, ritual work, river monsters, rock, rpg, run, sarcasm, satire, screaming just to scream, secret fears, serenity, servers, sewing, shift, shifting, silliness, singing, slashers are the best, snarky submissives, soul mates, soulbond, soulbonder, soulbonds, spell, spellwork, spirit, spirituality, stargate, struggling with emotions, submissives, supernatural, swelling, techno, temper tantrums, territorial, the dead files, the enchanted forest chronicles, the first rule, the princess bride, the smells of fall, therian, therians, therianthrope, therianthropes, therianthropy, tinman, toth, trying to live better, video editors, video games, video making, walking, wolf, wolf generals, wolves, woods, woodsmoke on the wind, world of warcraft, world of warcraft videos, writing, yoga, zombies
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